Automotive Polish

Farecla Advanced G3 Liquid Compound

Approx Price: Rs 105 / Bottle 

1)Can be used on all paint systems
2)No masking required, reduced clean up time
3)Proven for today’s modern compliant paint systems including anti-scratch clear coats
4)One step process when used with water
5)Silicone free

Farecla Profile Marine Paste Coarse Cut Compound

Approx Price: Rs 140 / Bottle 

1)Coarse Cut – removes up to P1000 dry
2)Paste is ideal for hi gloss and hi cut
3)Specially developed product for India, best in class product
4)Quick and economical
5)No fillers

Farecla One Step Universal Polish

Approx Price: Rs 125 / Bottle 
1)Medium Cut – removes up to P1200 paper marks
2)Specially developed product for India, best in class product
3)No fillers
4)Very high gloss and quick in action
5)Excellent results against competition
6)Quick and economical
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